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Bottled: Checked

Message: Bought this out of curiosity, at a local health food store. I was amazed at the hydration considering that I drink vast quantities of water daily. Just one liter did wonders, I will be purchasing more, it's a wonderful find!

 Bottled: Checked

Message: For years I've been trying to alkalize my body, but no luck. After surgery recently, my daughter recommended alkalized water. After drinking it for a week -- I felt the difference. I began looking for the easiest way to obtain it. Then, I decided to try Tru Alka. (If I'm going to drink only alkalized water, I needed a system for delivering it -- too much to lug home from the store). For product, price and customer service, Tru Alka is truly superior. 


 Bottled: Checked

Message: This alkaline water is the best I have tasted so far and I think I have tasted all of them! Also, when I check it with my ph tester it is a true 9+ ph. Very Good Water! 

  Minipods: Checked

Message: I love TruAlka!!! It is the best way to travel to all of my races and still use AlkalineWater. 

 Bottled: Checked

Message: Received it as a gift. Love it. Feel great. Had many digestive issues and they have been minimal since drinking Alka Tru. Thank you.

 Bottled: Checked

Message: Great taste indeed, I made my own test and it is really tru alkaline very nice score! I won't stop getting more, I need to balance my phd

 Concentrate: Checked

Message: I love your product I spoke to Marie I believe im from new York and I sell for a living and told all my customers and friends about your product although trader Joe's is selling single bottles for a $1.50 told everyone your value is better so you will be getting a lot of orders from jersey and new York I feel so much better and my skin is glowing ( I sell skin care as well ) thanks for your products the only think I didn't like is your pump it gets stuck and doesn't work well no worries bought a water stand instead thanks

Concentrate: Checked

Message: I have to say I really love this product I tested the water and it's actually 9 to 10 pH which is excellent water tastes great and I can't get enough I'm ordering more interns to purify water from acidic to perfect alkaline drinking water love it!

 Bottled: Checked

Message: We ordered the Tru Alka bottled water. First of all I must say that it's some of the best water that i've tasted. I ordered it for myself and my husband...however my entire family has partaken of the product and love it! So I am going in and re-ordering so I can receive the total benefits of the product. We have noticed that the constipation that a few of the family members had been experiencing has subsided with the drinking of Tru-Alka water.

 Bottled: Checked

Minipods: Checked

Concentrate: Checked

Message: I was introduced to Tru Alka through a friend and I LOVE IT!!! I have/had severe acid reflux and severe digestive issues. I have been drinking Tru Alka for almost a week and it has helped tremendously. I had to place my own recurring monthly order. Thank you Tru Alka.

  Bottled: Checked

Message: I own an alkaline machine, but since I've moved I'm not able to hook it up yet. I checked on line and found Tru Alka and I am very pleased with everything about your product and your company. I truly enjoy the taste and how the water feels in my mouth and throat compared to tap or other bottled waters. And its nice to know that I can have it delivered. P.S. I especially like the size and shape of the 16 oz bottles, it comfortable to hold and not clumsy at all. Thanks!

 Message: I have used many types of alkaline water and this is the best all all for me It tastes great, it holds alkaline and I have never tested any bottle that was not the right pH!

Kirk Mitchell

 Message: I have used many types of alkaline water and this is the best all all for me It tastes great, it holds alkaline and I have never tested any bottle that was not the right pH!

Kirk Mitchell

I would like to thank you for all the information on TruAlka water. I have been consistently using it for over 6 months. I use it at work, at home, give it to my dogs, and I cook with it. I've had two interesting things that have occurred over this time. For the last fifteen years, I've had very bad acid reflux (Gurd). I was taking four Prilosec a day. I have reduced that now to one pill a day and not even sure I need to take the one.

The second thing thats happened which is really amazing to me, I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure when I was thirteen, that was forty three years ago. I have been on extremely high dose of blood pressure medication for the last fifteen years. I have had two different pharmacies tell me that they have never seen a person on a higher dose of high blood pressure medications than me. After about three months of taking Trualka, I was able to cut my blood pressure medication in half. The next two months, it's down to a third of what I use to take. It is still improving. Wouldn't it be great if I could eventually get off my medication. I use to feel tired all the time with all the medications I was taking. Now I feel great again. I am now able to cycle all the time. Outside of the Trualka there was no other changes in my life.

I hope more people try your water so they too can reap the benefits, I'm sold.
Thank You Again,
Ron Novotny

We used your 5 gallon concentrate. My family finally is drinking more water! I ran out briefly and comments were made that the water tasted different and not as good.....I agreed and placed another order . I also got my heartburn back when we ran out. I don't want to run out anymore! Love the product!
Teresa Pape / Michigan

I am a flight attendant so the pods are great for my on the go life. Plus I use my own bpa free water bottle so I cut down on my plastic waste!
Andrella Brunson / Illinois

This water is great tasting and does exactly what it say. I have great uric acid levels and have not had any gout attacks since drinking this water. My red and white cell counts have been in normal range. Would highly recommend this products.
Alberta Webb / Illinois

BTW, should be doing your next promo for the website, been drinking almost nothing but Tru since late Oct., and have gone from 212 to 187 losing weight even over the Holiday, had goodies but I am so much more interested in good foods, they are more satisfying less interested in meat and heavy carbs, eating way less when I do eat and was 191 day before Christmas and got on the scale yesterday to 187.

Really liking your water, been doing this a long time and have been a bottled water drinker since my early 20's and have not seen anything like this, from the vitamin enhanced, to the flavored to the Coconut water, Penta, none of them have made such a significant change in my desires for the right foods and I am just not starving all the time and I was a huge "hungry" girl, have been all my life, I am pretty impressed.
Sheri Miller / Riverside, CA

At first when I started drinking the tru alka bottle water it seems like the same but after drinking like the third bottle it seems like lighter in taste and drinking it so yea I'm buying definitely again!

Nestor Garcia / California

A bottle of Tru made my upset stomach feel great! Water tastes smooth and delicious. I want to be less acidic!
Anthony Catoline / California

Eileen Diamond / Florida

Just tried these water pods on a whim. What a fortunate following. Mixed with filtered water & enjoyed water for the first time in awhile. Within a couple hours 4 pods worth of water enjoyed. Amazing. Tasted so good. This is my 3rd day on Tru Alka water, and I do not want to run out. Way to go. And thanks.
Carol Thompson / California

We love the water very refreshing and tastes great, we are very happy to know that its also healthy for you.  We certainly recommend it.

B.F. Garcia / Pennsylvania

Our family has now been using Tru ALKA 9-10 PH Alkaline Water Booster Concentrate for just over a year now and we have all noticed the beneficial changes that this water has been doing for us. We have become more regular in our bowel movements. Our bodies have been releasing toxins through regular bowel movements and through the urination and elimination processes. We feel better, more energized and ready to handle all of the challenges that each new day may bring upon us. I’m a Professional Truck Driver. I drive an 18 wheeler throughout the night for a living and drive an average of 3,000 miles per week here in California. When most people are sleeping at night, I’m working… I’ve noticed the difference in my level of alertness along with my field of vision that has also improved sharply. I’m sleeping better now through the day which is when I get my rest and when I wake from my sleep I feel well rested... I also want to mention that when I drink my Tru ALKA 9-10 PH treated water that I don’t feel like it is weighing me down because it just seems like this water is being absorbed directly into my body instead of settling in my stomach. And to all who take the time to read my testimonial here on this web site… These are just some of the changes that my family and I have noticed over the past year from using Tru ALKA 9-10 PH Alkaline Water Booster Concentrate… So one can only imagine the potential of the health benefits that are actually here by using Tru ALKA 9-10 PH Alkaline Water Booster Concentrate over a lifetime… Which we're definitely looking forward to.

Lastly, I just want to say that I have done extensive research on purified water and understand that purified water purchased in a bottle from the market. Is filtered, and then purified mostly by some sort of a Reverse Osmosis process. This process strips the water literally of all its mineral content along with all the other bad contaminants. Leaving it with a very low TDS level. (Total Dissolved Solids) And most importantly, that this store bought water is usually tests around a PH of 4 which is highly acidic… With the exception to some Mountain Spring waters and waters that a supplier claims to have purified its water and the re-added back a percentage of the minerals that were lost from the purification process.
We need to put these minerals back into the water because they are essential natural antioxidants… Especially the Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium which when added back to Reverse Osmosis purified water will turn it back into a healthy Alkaline-basic water with a PH of at least 9-10 PH… Here is what I’m personally doing… I’m using 5 gallon water bottles of purified Reverse Osmosis Water that I am purchasing from a water store that refills my water bottles. Next, I am treating the Reverse Osmosis water by adding the Tru ALKA 9-10 PH Booster Concentrate the one specified for (5 gallon jugs). I hope that you will do this to for your better health and the better health of your loved ones… And remember to drink a minimum of 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight in order to stay properly hydrated.
James Kienel

Excellent product when I travel and cannot take my Water Ionizer with me. I recommend it to my friends!
Jose P Dos Santos / Arizona

Purchased a few months ago. AWESOME!!!! I really would like to design your company a postcard campaign to market this product. I also wish I could somewhat assist in being a distributor in Florida. I must say i lack funds but I wish there was something I could work out even if it was just creating a postcard campaign to tell more people about how great your product is.

Vince Walthour / Florida

I have suffered with autoimmune problems for years. After using the mini Alka pods, my blood pressure has decreased, I am losing weight and my doctor has reduced my autoimmune medicine. Thanks Tru Alka
Vernice Horton / Alabama

I love the convenience of the pods. I pop them in my purse or glove compartment of my car! Easier than toting a alkaline canister around.

Paula Morgan

I first started this water after a surgical procedure which left me physically drained. With consumption of my first case, I began to feel increased energy levels, actually felt hydrated and noticed a decrease in my acid reflux. Who would of thought? This water has had a 'Tru' positive impact on my overall health!

Linda Godin

Thanks again for sending out the pods! I love this entire concept- my husband and I will be ordering more booster for our 5 galloon jug very soon! Have a great day!

Kelly Ann

We really enjoy it, my family and i.  I'm definitely continuing to buy it.

B. Rico Garcia

Tru-Alka is not just great-tasting water. I really believe it makes a difference in helping me to feel my best everyday. I have psoriatic arthritis, for over twenty years, which causes pain and inflammation in joints throughout my body. Since I have been drinking Tru-Alka, I have experienced a noticeable decrease of that pain along with increased energy, healthier looking skin, better hydration and an overall better well-being. It is a great addition to my daily health regimen. I have recommended it to all my family and friends. Thanks!

Kevin Gershan

I have noticed a significant change in my health and well being since using the product. Thank you!

Michael Franzini

This water helps solve several health problems.

Michael King

I promptly received my first order of 6 bottled TruAlka and after testing my first 5 gallons of water throughout several days, it maintained a constant PH of 11.14. I am very pleased by the quality of this product. I highly recommended it.

Nathalie Roths

Drink Your Way to Good Health

No not that kind of drinking.  I am talking about water, but not just any kind of water.

A couple of years ago I was watching a Dateline special. The author of The Blue Zone, Dan Buettner, had traveled the world to study populations of people who routinely live very long healthy lives and was sharing the information he had learned.  The thing that really caught my attention was that there was a population in Costa Rica called the Nicoyan’s whose water supply had the country’s highest calcium content.  These people were very physical active well into their 90’s, even 100’s.  Why?  They had strong healthy bones.  Dan also pointed out that a higher calcium content also explained the lower rates of heart disease.

Let me ask you, how many 90 – 110 year olds do you know who garden, ride their bike, or clean their own house.  I would say not many, because most elderly people in the U.S. have brittle bones and or heart issues by the time they reach their 90s.

What if you could drink the same kind of water the Nicoyan’s drink?  Would you?  You already drink water, how simple would it be to replace the water you are drinking with a water that is a much more beneficial water similar to what the Nicoyan’s drink.

Well that’s exactly what I did, I replaced the water I was drinking with Tru Alka, and you can too.

What exactly is Tru Alka?  Tru Alka is an Alkaline water with a stable PH of  9 – 10.

Why does the PH level matter?  Dr. Robert Young, author of The PH Miracle Diet says that most people are too acidic.  This can be caused by eating too much of the wrong foods, like chicken, beef and dairy, and not enough of the right foods like spinach, kale and broccoli.

It can also be caused by stress and even the water you drink .

The scary part is that this excess acid in your body can cause weight gain and sickness.

So how does Tru Alka become alkaline?

First they intensely purify the water, then they add back into the water a highly concentrated formula in very specific proportions of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, now here is the key ….all three of these highly essential minerals that create a very alkaline environment are ionic in nature.  This means they are NANO, very very small, in proportion to the size of minerals that we currently drink in any water which contains these minerals.  This ground breaking nano technology using ionic minerals allows the water to naturally and permanently rise and maintain always a PH of 9-10.  Other alkaline waters on the market do not have this technology and therefore they do not remain alkaline.

This is one of the many reasons I only drink Tru Alka.

Some  people may be wondering if you can get too many minerals by drinking only Tru Alka.  The answer is absolutely not.  The ground breaking nano technology causes the minerals to be so small that they are easily absorbed and utilized by your body and therefore do not accumulate in the body.

Here is another thing I find very interesting.  You have heard of people traveling to places like Lourdes in France and the glacial streams in the Himilayas to drink the healing waters.  When the scientist ran test on these “healing” waters they found that the water was very alkaline and highly ionized.

Tru Alka fights free radicals which speed up the aging process. This is  one of the many reasons why so many celebrities and high profile people whose looks and health are key to their lively hoods are now drinking Tru Alka.

Drinking Tru Alka water will help your body achieve:

  • Supreme Cellular Hydration
  • Weight Loss
  • Antioxidant Rich
  • Stronger Bones and Teeth
  • Neutralizes Free Radicals
  • Well Being and Balance
  • Rapid Cellular Absorption
  • Higly Oxygenated Blood
  • Helps to Conquer Acidity
  • Aid in prevention of Osteoporosis
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Decreases Constipation
  • Helps Prevent Osteoporosis
  • Increases Frequency of Bowel Movements
  • Better Joint Movement
  • Assists In Reducing Pain from Arthritis
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Detoxifies Your Cells
  • Assists In Prevention of Disease

If you live in the Los Angeles area you can have bottles or 5 gallon jugs of Tru Alka delivered to your doorstep.  If you live out of the area they will ship bottles or you can order the Tru Alka pods that turn an 8oz bottle or a 5 gallon jug into alkaline water instantly.  Go to for more info or to place your order.

I think the scientific information on Tru Alka proves  that the water you drink does make a difference.  For me, switching to Tru Alka was a very simple decision, one that will have long term health benefits.  In fact at age 99 I plan to be gardening, hiking, doing Bikram yoga and still blogging.

The Ageless Beauty Report helping you become the ageless beauty you were born to be.

My friend Norman Troie ordered TruAlka and shared with me. This product is known for the medicinal actions that it takes away warts completely. Thank you for your products.

John Lavin

I love that the alkaline PH is stable. The water seems to be a great hydrator.

Sharyn Wightman

I have just finished drinking my first bottle of TruAlka that I bought at the Santa Monica Co-Op. I felt so great after drinking it that I just bought a whole case of this wonderful water to be shipped to my son! Thank you so much for this wonderful water!

Patricia Patricia

I like alkaline water because it helps my body and muscles to replenish after going to the gym.

Katia Kieling

Tru Alka has really helped me with my Immune disorder inwhich the water delivery system helps with my supplements to help reach my body better.  I also think it's a great tasing water and the hydration seems to be better than any other water that I have dranked.

Chuck Crump

I loved loved the water; easy to carry and look forward to seeing how I feel after a month on the tru alka.


Once you start drinking Tru Alka you will never stop.  I absolutely love the way it tastes, but more importantly I love what it does for me.  I have more energy, I sleep better, and I never seem to get sick. Drinking Tru Alka is one of the easiest and best things I have ever done for my health.


A month ago I started buying Tru Alka Water in cases of 6 one gallon bottles at my local Clark's Nutrition Market as part of an overall food & water regimen designed to begin detoxifying my body as much as possible. Within 3 days of beginning Tru Alka I noticed my skin was becoming much less dehydrated (dry & flaky). I have multiple bone & joint disorders, and within a week, I was noticing reduced inflammation, thus less pain. Now, after a month of drinking Tru Alka in combination with some gradual dietary changes I'm still in process with implementing, I'm amazed at how much better I'm feeling overall! As buying Tru Alka by the bottle or jug is more than I can afford, I've just ordered the concentrate for 5 gallon jugs to cut the cost substantially. Very grateful it's offered in the concentrate; otherwise I could not afford to continue drinking it. I'd worry my overall health conditions might once again deteriorate if I ! stopped, so I guess I've become sort of a "Tru Alka"-holic... but this is one "addiction" I'm glad to have! 

James L Wood

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