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Los Angeles County - 5 Gallon Jug Service

Price: $14.95

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Terms: Most cities in this county are covered, there maybe a chance we do not deliver to your specific address, in this event we will contact you to discuss other options and/or cancel your order.

Los Angeles County - Monthly Service (Must order 2 Jugs Per Month)

$1.90 unlimited flat fee for delivery

* One time refundable deposit of $7 per jug - Will be returned after the service is cancelled and the jugs have been picked up.

** There is no refunds on full jugs delivered.

*** Equipment is available for leasing (Billed Quarterly) ***

  A: (Room Temp) A ceramic crock on a wood stand for floor or counter (room temp) $3.95 per month
  B: (Cold Dispenser) $8.95 per month
  C: (COld / Hot Dispenser) $16.95 per month

Call anytime to put your account on hold, add additional jugs, or cancel.

Bonus: First delivery one of your jugs will be free.

Fun Fact: Did you know that one 5 gallon jug holds 18 liters of water. 8 Glasses of water is 2 liters.

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